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Hello and welcome to my travel blog!

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What is this blog really about?

The blog is mainly about my travels (Tina Reiser means Tina Travels), but I will also try to give to some travel tips now and then. This will for example be tips about what to pack for different trips, planning of trips, how to save money, and different memberships that can come in handy when traveling.

When will I post?

There will be new posts when I have written a post I’m happy with. I have this blog because I like to write, but it is limited how much time I can use in my spare time (I do have a regular job). I rather spend a little longer on a post and give you great content, in stead of doing it halfway just to post more often. I hope you understand, and also appreciate this.

I’m no travel or economy expert, but I’m sharing my own experiences with the hope that others can make use of it. I want to contribute to giving you an increased wanderlust, and that you get some new experiences of the world.

You can contact me here if you have questions.

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