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Hand luggage essentials:

When you’re on a flight, especially longer flights, there are some things that is okay to bring with you in your hand luggage. In this post I have made a list of the things I often bring with me in my hand luggage to make the flight a bit more comfortable. Some of the things also makes it less stressful when arriving at your destination. At least it makes me stress less, but you might not be an easily stressed person like I am? Anyways, here is the list of my «must-haves» for the hand luggage:

1. Adapter

An adapter might not be something you need to have in your hand luggage, but I like to be sure that it lands with me and not on some other airport with my suitcase. Therefore I always bring an adapter in my hand luggage. We have an universal adapter so we should be able to charge our electronics no matter where we go. But it’s not like you need an adapter no matter where you go, so check this before you pack.

Adapter til stikkontakt - essential for hand luggage
Skross World Adapter

2. Chargers

Chargers for all our gadgests is a must-have in my hand luggage, especially on longer flights. I often need to use them during my travels, and it’s good to know that it’s possible to charge my phone in case I’m going to need it. I haven’t experienced yet that I really need my phone before arriving at our final destination, but I like to be on the safe side. I always bring my chargers in my hand luggage for the same reason as the adapter; to be 100% sure that it lands at the same airport as me.

3. Power bank

A power bank is a charger, but I give it a separate headline because it might be easy to forget about if you got chargers for many different things. I just love to know that I have the possibility to charge my electronics even if I don’t have «the regular way» available.

Power banks comes in different sizes and different capacities. It doesn’t have too cost much either, but then you’ll probably get a power bank with lower capacity. For now I only got a small and cheap one because that’s more practical in my hand luggage. But then I only get to charge my phone once before the power bank is out of battery. Thankfully it hasn’t been necessary with a more powerful power bank yet.

Powerbank fra Clas Olson i rosa/svart

4. Noise-cancelling headphones

Before I got myself noise-cancelling headphones I thought that I didn’t need it in my hand luggage. But I do now. It’s just wonderful to be able to block out most of the noise that comes with flying. You might not notice the noise that much, but after wearing noise-cancelling headphones you’ll notice it easily when taking them off. These headphones are also something that comes in extra handy on longer flights. On longer flights you often have te possibility to watch a movie or two (or three), and then these headphones are gold.

Noise-cancelling headphones fra Andersson

5. A folder for important papers

To have a folder with all papers in the same place can save you some time at the airport, but at departure and arrival. It makes it simpel to find the information you need when checking in your luggage, and in any immigration control you might end up in.

You can also have your tickets with the departure times, and hotel vouchers for the check in at the hotel. Boarding pass and passport can also be kept in the folder. If you have gathered any other information about the location where you’re going put that in there as well.

6. Pen

A pen is also a good idea to bring with you in your hand luggage. You’ll never know when you need one. Bringing a pen is very practical when you need to fill out immigration papers. You get these papers on the plane, so if you have a pen with you you’re able to fill them out on the plane. That will save you some time when arriving at the airport.

Reisemappe med "Jet lag is for amateurs"-print
Reisemappe med "Jet lag is for amateurs"-print - essential for hand luggage

7. Wallet

The wallet is, not surprisingly, a perfect place to keep your cash and all the cards you might have. This could be bank cards, credit cards, membership cards, and so on. I keep the cards I use the most in my phone case, but there is limited space here. And usually I don’t have a lot of cash, but when traveling I always have the country’s currency in my wallet.

8. The country’s currency

I usually withdraw the currency from an ATM at the airport of departure so that I have them when arriving. Then I don’t have to spend time doing this at the airport of arrival. Before departure I always have a lot of time anyways. And by withdrawing money when traveling you’ll also get a better overview of how much money you’re actually using. 

And if you need a few tips on how to fill up your wallet for your next travel you’ll find it here.

9. Tablet

If you have a tablet then this is a good way to pack lighter than if you would have to bring a computer. You can do most of the things on a tablet as you can do on a computer. But a tablet doesn’t take up a lot of space, and weighs about «nothing».

10. Reading material (or anything else you find entertaining)

On longer flights where you can watch movies on the plane I usually do that instead of reading a book or a magazine. But I always bring it in my hand luggage, just in case. But if you think a book takes up too much space in your hand luggage it is possible to download lots of reading material to your tablet. With a tablet you can also download movies, tv series, music, and games.

11. Travel pillow

If you want to sleep during the flight a travel pillow might be a good idea to bring. Or something else making sleeping more comfortable. I have, more than once, been sitting on a plane and dozed off, and then woken up with a sore neck. Then I always regret not bringing my travel pillow. But I don’t always bring it because it takes up a lot of space.

12. Sleep mask

Something else that can make sleeping on the plane more comfortable is a sleep mask. On «red-eye flights» they usually lower or turn off the lights in the cabin at night, but there still might be disturbing lights around you. It is limited how much good sleep you can get on a flight, but for my part a sleep mask helps.

Cuddlebug nakkepute og sovemaske

These 12 things makes my flights a little bit easier and more comfortable. But I don’t always bring all of these things on shorter flights. These are just a few tips on what to bring in your hand luggage, so you have to decide what YOU need or want to bring. If you are a person who sleeps most of the time on a flight you won’t need all the things I’ve listed here. But if you’re like me and doesn’t get to sleep much, much of these things is fun to have in your hand luggage.

Do you have any other things you just need to have in your hand luggage?

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