Stranda Anse Source d´Argent på La Digue, Seychellene

La Digue:

If you like tortoises, beaches, and bicycles, then La Digue is the island for you. On La Digue you get a relaxing vacation. You can cycle from beach to beach and along the way you might meet the tortoises on the island. This island became our favorite on our Seychelles holiday.

After spending four nights on Mahé and four nights on Praslin it was finally time to relax on La Digue for a couple of days. To get from Praslin to La Digue we took the ferry. This takes about 15 minutes. When we arrived we simply just walked to the hotel. This took less than 10 minutes (with luggage). We were greeted by a friendly receptionist who gave us lots of information about the hotel and what to do on the island. A great start to our stay.

I have written a post about the Seychelles with information that can be useful if you’re planning a trip to the islands. You can read the post here.I have also written about the other islands; Mahé and Praslin. This will be the last post in the «Seychelles series» for now.

Ku-taxi på La Digue, Seychellene
One way to get around on the island

The hotel on La Digue

Le Repaire – Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

Le Repaire Boutique Hotel (& Restaurant) is a small hotel with only 9 rooms. It’s a short walk from the marina, but it is also possible to take La Digue’s own kind of taxi (the picture above). The island is called car-free, but there is some cars driving around. Amongst them are golf carts as taxis, and some delivery trucks. We still chose to walk from the marina to the hotel. The check in wasn’t the fastest, but we got a lot of good information from the receptionist. She followed us up to our cozy room. It had a big balcony and a view of the garden, the pool and the sea.

Senga på rommet på Le Repaire Boutique Hotel på La Digue, Seychellene
Utsikten fra rommet på Le Repaire Boutique Hotel på La Digue, Seychellene
Svømmebassenget ved Le Repaire Boutique Hotel på La Digue, Seychellene

Restaurant in the hotel

As the name states, it is also a restaurant in the hotel. It was nice just walking down from the room and sit down in the restaurant when we were hungry. The restaurant is Italian, and they had amazing food, especially the pizza. They also had chocolate soufflé with «crème anglaise» for dessert, and that was perfect for a chocolate lover like myself.

The restaurant is popular so it can be a good idea to make a reservation in advance. It wasn’t filled up in the afternoons when we had lunch, but it was pretty filled up in the evenings (and it wasn’t even high season when we were there).

What did we think about the hotel?

We enjoyed our stay at the hotel and will definitely stay here again if we ever go back to La Digue. The people working here, both in the hotel and restaurant, were very nice, and a short distance to most things on the island (with bikes). I think that others also enjoyed their stay because they have a rating of 4,5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor. They’re also ranked as the number one hotel on La Digue (out of eight).

Le Repaire Boutique Hotel

What to do on La Digue

Our plan was to relax and enjoy the beach life. In the four days we spent on La Digue we visited five different beaches and two parks. One of the beaches is inside of the parks. So basically what we did was just cycling around on the island and visiting beaches. It was lovely feeling like we didn’t have anything we needed to do, just spending our days the way we wanted to. But to be able to cycle from beach to beach you have to rent a bike.

Renting bikes

It was possible to rent bikes at the hotel we stayed at. The price is 150 SCR for one day, or 100 SCR per day if you rent for several days. We rented for all four days. It was nice to have the bikes ready whenever we wanted to get somewhere.

Vi leide sykler

On all the islands we visited in the Seychelles we saw huge spiders. La Digue was no exception. Here we even got to see one up close on one of our bike rides.

Edderkopp i spindelvev
There are lots of spiders on the islands in the Seychelles

But we also got to meet other, cuter, animals.

Gecko på et blad

Anse Severe

We stopped by the beach Anse Severe twice during our stay at La Digue. This became one of my favorite beaches because of the tortoises walking around here. I addition to this we had the beach almost to ourselves and there was excellent opportunities for snorkeling.

Stranda Anse Severe på La Digue, Seychellene
Anse Severe
Skilpadde på stranden Anse Severe
One of the tortoises wandering around

L´Union Estate

L´Union Estate is a park with a lot of different things to see. The entrance fee is 115 SCR, and the tickets can be bought between 7 AM and 5 PM. After this it’s still possible to get into the park if you can show the ticket you bought earlier in the day.

In the park you can see coconut and vanilla plantations, lots of tortoises (and baby tortoises), and old cemetery, and one of the most popular beaches on La Digue, «Anse Source d´Argent».

Vanilje-plantasje i L´Union Estate
Vanilla plantation
Skilpadde i L´Union Estate på La Digue, Seychellene
Anse Source d´Argent

This popular beach is inside L´Union Estate, so you do have to pay to get to this beach. But it’s absolutely worth it. This beach has to be experienced. The unique beach landscape makes this beach one of the most photographed beach in the world. This might be the beach you’re imagining when thinking about the Seychelles?

Stranda Anse Source d´Argent på La Digue, Seychellene
Anse Source d´Argent
The Veuve Reserve

The Veuve Reserve is a nature reserve close to the hotel we stayed at. The reserve were opened to take care of «The Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher», which locally is called «Vev». It’s the Seychelles most endangered bird species, and is listed as critically endangered.

We visited the nature reserve one day to see if we could spot the bird. The entrance is free. In the reserve you’re walking on a path trough the forest looking for the bird. We walked as quietly as we could and saw lots of different birds, but no Black Paradise Flycatcher.

Grand Anse – Petite Anse – Anse Coco

Grand Anse, Petite Anse and Anse Coco are three adjacent beaches. Well, almost. You’ll easily get to Grand Anse by bike, but to get to Petite Anse and Anse Coco you have to go by foot. From Grand Anse you have to follow a path into the woods and over a small hill to get to Petite Anse. From Petite Anse to Anse Coco you have to follow yet another path trough the woods and over another hill. The hike from Grand Anse to Anse Coco takes about 30 minutes. Not a very long hike, but it can be a bit demanding as it is a steep climb. But it was a fun hike, and I would gladly do it again.

Grand Anse

Grand Anse is the longest beach on the island, but it’s not a great place for swimming. Especially between May and October there is strong currents and large waves here. But even though there is a warning sign as you enter the beach, there were people swimming here (even children).

It was a nice beach, but we had already decided that we were going to Petite Anse so we didn’t stay for long.

Stranda Grand Anse
Grand Anse
Stranden Grand Anse på La Digue, Seychellene
Grand Anse
Petite Anse

Petite Anse were as I mentioned a small hike from Grand Anse. I would say about 10 minutes. It was almost deserted, possibly because most people just stayed at Grand Anse or decided to go on to Anse Coco. Too bad for them because this was a nice beach. But we didn’t stay for very long either because we wanted to see Anse Coco.

Skilt på stranda Petite Anse på La Digue, Seychellene
Stranda Anse Petite på La Digue, Seychellene
Petite Anse
Stranden Petite Anse på La Digue, Seychellene
Anse Coco

After about 15-20 minutes of walking from Petite Anse we got to Anse Coco. This was a beautiful beach as well, and it wasn’t crowded either. But I must say that the beach in the middle, Petite Anse, was my favorite.

Skilt på stranda Anse Coco på La Digue
Stranden Anse Coco på La Digue, Seychellene
Anse Coco
Kreps på stranda Anse Coco på La Digue, Seychellene
Stranden Anse Coco
Stranden Anse Coco
Stranden Anse Coco på La Digue, Seychellene
Stranden Anse Coco på La Digue, Seychellene

La Digue was an amazing island, definitely our favorite island of the 
ones we visited in the Seychelles. We had some calm and relaxing days 
here where we could just grab our bikes and explore beautiful beaches 
only a bike ride away. Perfect. 

Have you ever been to the Seychelles. Where? 
If you haven’t, which of the islands would you like to go to? 

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