Stranda Anse Lazio på Praslin, Seychellene


Praslin is the island where coco nuts out of the ordinary grows. In addition to this the island has the beach that in 2016 was announced the world’s 4. best beach (by CNN Travel). And to think that we got this beach almost to ourselves! In this post you can read about our stay at this exciting island.

Stranda Anse Lazio på Praslin, Seychellene

After four nights at Mahé we were ready for Praslin. We could choose to travel with a small propeller plane or by boat, and because of the price we chose the boat. If we are ever going back to the Seychelles and going from Mahé to Praslin, we’re taking the plane. We usually don’t get sea sick, but we did at this boat ride, and then it felt like more than just an hour-long trip. We had read about it in advance that lots of people got sea sick on this boat, but we didn’t think that we would be one of them. But we did make it all the way to Praslin and had some amazing days here. Let us begin with the hotel we stayed at.

If you haven’t read my first post about the Seychelles and want some general info about the islands, you can read it here before reading further.

The hotel

Le Duc de Praslin (4 stars)

We spent our four nights at Praslin at Le Duc de Praslin. The hotel is a 15-minute drive from the harbor, and it was easy getting a taxi from there. The taxis in the Seychelles don’t have a taxi meter so remember to agree on a price in advance.

The room

We got to check in to the hotel after a short while after arrival, and we were guided to our room. We had the superior room with a king size bed, and the room was as big as our apartment back home (64 m²). A nice room with a good standard and the pool were just outside our door. In walking-distance from the hotel you’ll also find several restaurants and small shops. There’s also bus stops close to the hotel if you want almost free transportation to where you’re going. They have bus schedules in the reception.

King Size seng på superior rom på Le Duc de Praslin på Praslin, Seychellene
Rommet på Le Duc de Praslin på Praslin, Seychellene
Badet på Le Duc de Praslin på Praslin, Seychellene
Bassenget på Le Duc de Praslin på Praslin, Seychellene
Svømmebassenget ved Le Duc de Praslin på Seychellene

A popular beach on the island

The hotel has a spa, a gym and a beach . The Beach, Cote d´Or Beach/Anse Volbert, is a popular beach for tourists. Probably because of the restaurants and shops in the area, and because it’s always possible to have a relaxing swim here. We spent a lot of our time at Praslin on this beach.

Cote d´Or Beach, stranda ved hotellet Le Duc de Praslin på Praslin, Seychellene


Le Duc de Praslin has three restaurants. Le Dauphin where they serve a breakfast buffet and a dinner buffet with different themes in the evening. Then there’s Chill Out which is a night club that serves tapas. And if you would like fine dining you should try Café des Arts. We went here one evening and the food were amazing.

There are also several restaurants outside of the hotel if you want something else than a buffet dinner, tapas or fine dining. This including Ristorante da Luca who had tasty Italian food. It’s also a gelateria, but they were actually out of ice cream when we were there. We also had lunch a couple of times at Pizzeria du Berjaya who had okay food. If you trying to choose between Ristorante da Luca and the Pizzeria, I would go with Luca.

Would we stay at this hotel again?

Yes! They had great breakfast, we got a lovely room, and the hotel is within walking distance from the beach, restaurants and shops. It seems like most people who have been staying here are happy with the hotel. On Tripadvisor the hotel gets a 4,5 out of 5, which means that most people have said that the hotel is excellent. I totally agree with that.

Stranda Anse Volbert/Anse Cote d´Or ved hotellet Le Duc de Praslin på Praslin, Seychellene

What to do when staying at Praslin island

We spent a lot of time at the beach by the hotel, but we did get out of the hotel area two of the days we stayed at Praslin. One day we went to Anse Lazio which is voted on of the best beaches in the world. The second day we went to the nature reserve Vallée de Mai where the funny coco nuts grow.

Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio is one of the best beaches I’ve ever been on. White and soft sand. Turquoise water. Almost deserted. Perfect. Small fish swam around us in when we were swimming in the sea. A great place for snorkeling. There is also many trees on the beach which provides the opportunity for shade.

To get there we took the bus from the bus stop just a little walk from the hotel. As I mentioned in the other posts about the Seychelles the bus only cost 7 SCR (one way). That’s less than 0,5 euros and about half a US dollar. That means that you can get to and from the beach for about a euro/dollar. But if you do take the bus be prepared to walk up and down steep hills to get to the beach. It’s not that far, but you will obviously save some time and energy by taking a taxi or drive a rental car (but not money). But I must say, the walk was really worth it. Just look at the pictures below!

Before you arrive at Anse Lazio you also get to meet some of the tortoises on the island.

Skilpadde på stranda Anse Lazio på Praslin, Seychellene
Skilpadde på stranda Anse Lazio på Praslin, Seychellene
Anse Lazio på Praslin, Seychellene
Stranda Anse Lazio på Praslin, Seychellene
Stranda Anse Lazio på Praslin, Seychellene
Vallée de Mai

Vallée de Mai is a nature reserve and also easy to get to by bus. Entry costs is 350 SCR per person, about 22 euros and 25 USD. It was fun with a walk in the jungle, so absolutely worth the price. The highlight was holding the Coco de Mer, but it was also a lot fun to look at the plant and animal life in the park.

The national bird of the Seychelles also lives in the nature reserve. It’s called Seychelles black parrot. We were looking for it in the park, without any luck. But we did get to see other birds, geckoes, and big spiders.

Gecko i Naturreservatet Vallée de Mai på Praslin, Seychellene
Naturreservatet Vallée de Mai på Praslin, Seychellene
Naturreservatet Vallée de Mai på Praslin, Seychellene
Jack Fruit i Naturreservatet Vallée de Mai, Seychellene
Blomst i Naturreservatet Vallée de Mai, Seychellene
Coco de Mer i naturreservatet Vallée de Mai, Seychellene
The highlight of Vallée de Mai

Praslin was a fun island with beautiful beaches, great food and an exciting nature reserve. After four nights it was time to leave the island and go explore a new one; La Digue. Here we got to enjoy biking and the beach life. You can read about it in my next post!

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