Barcelona – City break and beach holiday combined

View above on Barcelona landmark from Montjuic hill

Barcelona: The Spanish city Barcelona can offer you a city break and a beach holiday combined, and the city also has a lot of beautiful architecture see. The temperature is usually better than in Norway (where I’m from), so it’s […]

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Environmentally friendly travel: 5 green travel tips

Blomst i Naturreservatet Vallée de Mai på Praslin, Seychellene

5 things you can do to make you a more environmentally friendly tourist There is an increasing focus on the environment, also in travel. In travel the focus is especially aimed at traveling by plane. I am well aware that […]

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Gran Canaria: This island has an all year round summer

Palmer i Puerto Rico på Gran Canaria, Spania

Gran Canaria: During Christmas 2018 my family and I stayed in Gran Canaria for a week. We had been planning this for almost a year because my mother turned 60 in December. We had also been talking about celebrating Christmas […]

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